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The home of the ADiMat server

This is the transformation server for ADiMat, the automatic differentition of MATLAB programs in forward and reverse mode. The ADiMat runtime distribution can be obtained from our Downloads section. Please read the instructions for setting up your ADiMat installation to use this server. The documentation explains how to use ADiMat.

The service is provided to registered users. Please register using the Registration form. Non-registered users can use the interactive web form for demonstration purposes.

Starting from December 1st 2022, this service will ask users to acquire a license on either a monthly or a yearly basis. Users with a valid license will be given continued full access to the ADiMat transformations, while users without a license will incur a time delay of several minutes on each transformation. This model was elected in order to establish to means for providing income from the maintenance of the service while still allowing free access on a limited basis for educational and not-for-profit purposes.