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ADiMat Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions must be accepted when and before using our server.

User identification

Upon registration with our server, a user account is created in our database with a unique identification, which consists of a user name and an email address. You are now allowed to purport to be another person by the choice of your user name. You are now allowed to choose a user name that gives the impression of you having a role in the maintenance of the server, for example, you are not allowed to use user names such as admin, support, or operator.

Service termination

We may revoke the apportion of a user name and user account at any time.

Automated access

Automated access including via bots and robots regular web content is only allowed for indexing purposes. Automated access to the transformation services is allowed only via the ADiMat client program. The web form must only be used for interacitive use.

Grounds for exclusion

The usage of our service is granted with the exception of the following:

End of usage

The usage of our service can by terminated by you at any time by choosing the option to delete the user profile from the user profile page.

General terms

Last updated: 17. November 2022.