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In order to use the ADiMat Server via the automatic differentiation routines admDiffFor, admDiffRev, and admHessian and so on, your local ADiMat installation must be properly set up to use this server. This means, you have to register with the ADiMat Server, to configure ADiMat to use this server, and to configure ADiMat to pass your credentials to the server. This is explained below in detail.

Register with the ADiMat Server

Please register with the ADiMat Server using the user registration form, providing your email address, and set a password.

Configure the ADiMat Server URL

Set up the adimat-client program to use the transformation server URL, by either:

Configure authentication credentials

The authentication credentials must be passed to the ADiMat Server via the adimat-client program. This can be achieved by either:

The adimat-client configuration file

Most settings can be placed in the client configuration file, the configuration file for the adimat-client program, which is located at ~/.adimat/client-options on Linux, Unix or MacOS or at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\adimat\client-options on Windows.