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ADiMat Downloads

Here you can download ADiMat for different platforms. Each download includes the runtime environment for Matlab/Octave and the client for the transformation server.

Windows (PCWIN and PCWIN64)

Download one of these releases if

  • you are running 32 Bit or 64 BitWindows
  • your Matlab version reports PCWIN or PCWIN64 as the output of computer.
The executables in these releases are 32 Bit, cross-compiled with MinGW GCC. The MEX-functions (stacks) in these releases are for 64 Bit systems and compiled with Visual Studio 2010. (.sig, md5: f39741560b76e265cb6162d09794b731)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-mingw32-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: edb23caba0ae915f6e0295ba82672f40)

Linux (GLNXA64)

Download one of these releases if

  • you are running 64 Bit Linux
  • your Matlab version reports GLNXA64 as the output of computer
  • your GNU Octave version reports x86_64-pc-linux-gnu as the output of computer.

We have Linux builds for Debian GNU/Linux Stable, OpenSUSE 42.1 and Ubuntu Zesty. Users of other systems may try using the source release of adimat-client below. If there are problems please contact us.


adimat-0.6.8-5611-DebianBullseye-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 8774017be2eabec062ca6cd1d6e20f7d)

adimat-0.6.8-5611-DebianBuster-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: b6eb930ce27399b5ff9582b5f1794031)

adimat-0.6.8-5611-DebianTesting-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: b48041c070fe0e30a3e6997d34138d01)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-DebianBullseye-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 5b7ddc5ea9c16906142a843fc78930f5)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-DebianBuster-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: f0b47d664ae409242ce6e4d3098f6c08)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-DebianTesting-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 92bd3f26422af88c5a7bd871c99ffe56)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-DebianBullseye-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 8444353ab27568a5117893a270f682f0)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-DebianBuster-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 3d1969d45f1cffd4cb9598ff8e3bed6b)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-DebianTesting-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 3dcea393cb5be15fc09d1ac387c6b8a9)


adimat-0.6.8-5611-UbuntuKinetic-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: af275210006045e155104767ac4c465a)

adimat-0.6.8-5611-UbuntuJammy-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 43f8a8b7e74ff14caae3ff9a254655c3)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-UbuntuKinetic-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: e99e38cc61a5679954e8c499fc78be7b)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-UbuntuJammy-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 3bf7c361b353e41ec9ea71842d20c0c4)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-UbuntuKinetic-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 490c01a501c257782d0f6e795316a760)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-UbuntuJammy-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 3c96f40537c8e4b82706f46aa0ac109a)



adimat-0.6.8-5611-CentOS8-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: fdaa4d06f3ab985a5280007617ebb45e)

adimat-0.6.8-5611-CentOS7-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: ab5cec85db7f3a7a64e2a77aa7584d64)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-CentOS8-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: ea549ed4ba86c9b607829cb739e5ef25)

adimat-0.6.8-5601-CentOS7-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: bed5858c4d049c79077ebc3eaf50eeef)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-CentOS8-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 846ca6d2ee43166bee53d913d2e5c86e)

adimat-0.6.8-5587-CentOS7-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 5f8bbc15e029be046127b9505c7c60f4)

MacOS, BSD and other operating systems

To obtain ADiMat for other operating systems like MacOS and BSD, download a Linux version above and additionally the sources of the adimat-client program which you find below. This can be used to compile adimat-client on your OS. Replace the adimat-client binary in the Linux distribution by the one compiled on your system. If you encounter problems building adimat-client for your system, please contact us.

adimat-client-0.6.8-5611-src.tar.gz (.sig, md5: e4ecf60a3eeda23529c0a02678671e49)

adimat-client-0.6.8-5601-src.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 839b0cfee743beff51bb9d01f9d17ee2)

adimat-client-0.6.8-5587-src.tar.gz (.sig, md5: ffa36a15ae81d12991b53d241b00bb1f)